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Adorshea is a leading Gynae Company that deals in Gynecology Medicines for Women-related diseases. Adorshea is also one of popular company for Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise in India. We are truly dedicated to establishing long-term business connections based on high service standards and favourable principles. Adorshea focuses on bringing the best quality Gynae range to cure diverse ailments related to women’s reproductive health. All the products are certified under WHO and with approval from DCGI

What we Offer in Our Franchise Program?

Below points highlight the key benefits and support you will receive as part of the Adorshea franchise program.

  •  Adorshea offers exclusive monopoly rights for selling and distribution in a region. 
  • One can experience profitable yet hassle-free business.
  •  Best deals and profit margins.
  • We offer our clients the best marketing support.

List Of Gynae PCD Products Available At Adorshea

1. ADAMFERT Re-Q10 200mg +

Lycopene 5000 mcg + ALA 100mg + Vitamins & Minerals with Piperine 5mg Veg capsules.

An Antioxidant that helps in improving sperm count and motility.
2. ADORCAL CC  Calcium citrate malate- 250mg + Vitamin D3-100 IU + folic acid-50mcg For maintaining bone mass and preventing bone fracture in women.


Aqua progesterone- 25 mg injection For treating progesterone deficiency in females for menstrual periods.
4. ADORGEST AQ Aqua progesterone- 25 mg injection For regulating ovulation and menstruation by treating progesterone deficiency.
5. ADORGEST- 400 Tab Natural micronized progesterone- 400mg To regulate ovulation and menstruation, prevent follicle maturation, and stimulate breast growth
6. ADORGEST-200 SG Natural Micronized progesterone 200mg To prevent premature labour/miscarriage
7. ADORGEST 200SR Natural micronized progesterone- 200mg Sustained Release Tablets For treating female infertility
8. ADORGES T300 SR Natural micronized progesterone- 300mg Sustained Release Tablets A hormone replacement therapy for treating female infertility
9. ADORTA-MF Drotaverine- 80 mg and Mefenamic acid- 250 mg For treating menstrual cramps. Muscle spasms, and stomach pain
10. ALKACHEM- UTI D-Mannose 300mg + Cranberry Extracts200mg

+ Potassium Magnesium citrate 978mg

For treating urinary tract infection
11. BETALYTE 10 Tablets Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride 10 mg For treating dysmenorrhea and pre-team labor
12. BETALYTE-40 SR Tablets Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride 10 mg For preventing smooth muscle contractions in uterus
13. CABERFEM Tab Cabergoline tablets- 0.5mg For treating high levels of prolactin and stopping breast milk production

Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium 1000mcg + Myo- Inositol 600mg

+ L- Arginine 100 mg

+Benfotiamine 100mg + Lycopene 2000mcg + Vitamin D3 2000 IU + Vitamin E 80 IU +

N- Acetyl Cysteine 300 mg & Grape Seed Extract Tablets

For PCOS management
15. CORONIZE Coral Calcium 750mg + Vitamin D3


To prevent low calcium levels in women
16. DUBALEX Ormeloxifene – 60mg An oral contraceptive


Norethisterone Acetate 10mg For treating uterine bleeding, endometriosis
18. DUBALEX–N15CR Norethisterone Acetate 15mg For treating menstrual problems
19. EZY- PHASE Dienogest 2mg + Ethinylestradiol 0.03 mg An oral contraceptives
20. EZYWASH Vaginal wash Maintain pH and prevent odour
21. FIBROREG Ulipristal acetate 5mg For treating uterine fibroids
22. FIBROREG-M Mifepristone 25mg Tablets For pregnancy termination upto 10 weeks
23. HB- PYRO Iron pyrophosphate liposomal with Vit.c, Vit. b12 and folic acid tablet. For treating and preventing vitamin deficiencies
24. IGNYT L-Arginine + Tribulus Terrestris

+ Fenu Greek Extract + Hepercium Perforatum + Mucuna Pruriens + Ginkgo Biloba + Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate + Vitamin B6

For treating erectile dysfunction and high BP during pregnancy


Estriol Vaginal cream 15

mg with vaginal release applicator

For treating dryness, burning, and itching vagina due to menopause
26. NANOSHIN E- D3 NANOSHOT S Cholecalciferol 60000 IU Nanoshots For treating vitamin D deficiency
27. PICOEASE- MOM Syrup Milk of magnesia 3.75ml + liquid parrafin 1.25ml

+sodium pico sulphate 3.33mg

For providing relief from constipation
28. TRUEOVA-L Letrozole 2.5 mg tablets For treating breast cancer
29. SAMEOVA Soft Gel Melatonin 3mg + DHEA75mg + Coenzyme Q10 100mg For treating infertility
30. TERM FULL Mecobalamin1500mcg + Methyl folate 1mg + Pyridoxal 5 phosphate tablets0.5mg For treating folic acid deficiency
31. TERM FULL QF Folic Acid [ as (6s) – 5 – Methylterahydrofolic acid, Glucosamine Salt ] 600mcg

+ Pyridoxal 5 – Phosphate 500mcg +

Methylcobalamin 1500mcg Tablets

To treat folic acid deficiency
34. Y- FEM Fenticonazole 600mg Capsules For treating fungal infection
35. WELESTRA Estradiol hemihydrate 2mgtablets For Hormone replacement therapy to treat symptoms of menopause
36. WELESTRA- D Desogestrel 0.15mg + Ethinyestradiol 0.02mg For preventing pregnancy
37. WEL- PCOD Melatonin 1.5mg + Myoinositol 1.1 gm+D- Chiro 27.6mg + L- Methyl Folate 200mcg

+Vitamin D3 400 IU

For managing PCOS and supporting fertility
38. WELL -PMS Soy Isoflavones 90mg, Evening Primrose Oil 22.5mg, Multivitamins & Antioxidants Veg Capsules. For preventing bone loss, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers
39. MUCOFERT L-Arginine 266.7mg + N- Acetylcysteine 200mg

+ Coral Calcium 53.2mg

+ Grape Seed Extract 34mg + Vitamin C 33.35mg +

Lactobacillus acidophilus 0.5 billion


For treating malnutrition during pregnancy
40. NVP-MAC Meclizine 50mg S.R. + Folic Acid 5mg Tablets For treating motion sickness and vertigo
41. TRAPRED- 500SR Tranexamic Acid 500mg SR For treating heavy bleeding during menstrual period

Scope and Growth Opportunities in the Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise

  • The scope of the Propaganda cum Distribution (PCD) Pharma franchise is quite unbounded in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • We provide wider and better growth opportunities as the sole Pharma distributor of Gynae products in a specific location with no cutthroat competition. 
  • The scope of the PCD Pharma Franchise is wide- extensive and demanding. It offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to get into the pharma industry.
  • The franchise gets access to the sale of high-quality products that have already been tested, developed, and approved by regulatory authorities.

Unique Attributes and Advantages of Our PCD Pharma Franchise

The company is quite efficient in delivering 200+ products in various pharma segments. Adorshea has  specialization in gynaecology and supply a wide range of products such as tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups, soft gels, and so on. Here are some key factors that will clear your mind why you should choose Adorshea:

  • Our innovative approach and goal towards meeting the demands of people regarding healthcare facilities make us different from other PCD pharma companies.
  • We had a large distribution network which resulted in timely delivery
  • Reasonably priced medicines
  • The best part is one can get the exclusive rights of monopoly over the sale of medicine.
  • Our organization is supported by world-class manufacturing facilities accredited with GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) and WHO (World Health Organization) certifications.
  • We had a team of Experienced Pharmacist and Expert.
  •  Every Pharma formulation is made from top-quality ingredients in Adorshea.

Contact Details

Name – Adorshea

Address – SCO 338-339, 1st and 2nd floor Swastik Vihar, Patiala Road, SAS NAGAR, 140603, Punjab

Phone Number – +91-9877530744, +91-6280185695

Email Id. – adorshea19@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. – What makes Adorshea the best gynae PCD pharma franchise?

Answer – Adorshea offers an ISO-certified gynae range which includes hormonal therapies, pregnancy, contraceptives, etc. that come with the best packaging. Also, Adorshea provides monopoly rights, assistance, and free promotional support. 

Question 2 – Is starting a gynae Pharma franchise profitable?

Answer – The recent reports clearly show the rising demand for gynae products in India and starting a PCD pharma franchise company. 

Question 3 – What perks are being offered to franchise associates?

Answer – Upon starting a PCD pharma franchise for the gynae range with Adorshea, you will get free promotional tools, affordable products, assistance, and high-profit margins.

Question 4 – How much investment is required to start a gynae PCD franchise?

Answer – The initial investment required for starting a PCD franchise is approx 50k to 1 lakh. 

Question 5- What documents will be required for pcd franchise business?

Answer – There is only a requirement for a drug license and GST number for starting a PCD pharma franchise business. 

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