WHY ADORSHEA OVER OTHERS? We at ADORSHEA deals wide range of healthcare needs adhering to WHO-GMP guidelines. Being an ISO certified firm we care for life on delivering commitments to all our regulators, patients, stakeholder, partners, investors and community. We believe to give POWER TO MEDICINES to resolve the reproductive problems of society and helping women to improve their reproductive conditions. ADORSHEA as a company assures a culture of compliance and follows systematic interventions to consistently meet or exceed quality standards believing that key of strengthening the foundation of a responsible brand lie in consistently achieving high standards of quality in everything.

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ADORSHEA is dedicated to the best gynae products management and wellbeing of the women. We are committing our expertise with the research focus on finding the top innovative solutions to major female health challenges beginning from menarche to menopause. We are using the unique innovations and technologies to manage the challenging healthcare conditions. We strive in building faith at every step of your journey from menarche to menopause.



Purpose create relationship on a far deeper level with consumers by connecting with them, based upon the issues, shared values and ethics, We are defining modern age loyalty.

Responsibility- Centered

Company should not only be a profitable organisation, but also a responsible citizen for the society. Believing to help ourselves, stakeholders, customers, doctors and the public.


Introducing the new formulating assets of the medication. Deriving scientific innovations for the production of new products.


Adhering to DCGI approved molecules for the betterment and uplifting the reproductive conditions and diverse portfolio of products.


Focusing on building faith and long term partnership for mutual benefits and taking responsibility to focus on delivering our products on commitment.


We have carved a niche for itself in global regulating market, moreover; highly suggestible throughout the entire journey.


ADORSHEA, is staunched to women care and A cornerstone in the male and female fertility management and wellbeing of the women. We are finding the innovative provision to major put health challenges like male and female Infertility, post-menopause disorders, PCOS, PIH, IUGR ENDOMETRIOSIS with the research. There are a plethora of products which are available at one fingertips in the market and budget-friendly as well. ADORSHEA, giving power to medicine.


ADORSHEA, is an emerging pharmaceutical company, as a healthcare team it is our responsibility and aim to provide optimal pharmaceutical care in a patient focused environment and we rely on the cornerstone of RELIABILITY, COMPASSION, COMPETENCY, RESPONSIBILITY. We are dedicated for the development of life-altering therapies for patients with debilitating often infertility related issues.

Always Choose ADORSHEA for gynaecology & Pro-fertility Drug Range-

Soaring demand for effective infertility and gynae medicines have seen uproar in last few decades. ADORSHEA is one of the few Pharmaceuticals Companies in India, to completely specialize in women healthcare drugs covering gynaecology and products for male/female infertility . We have been dedicating our full potential to bring medicines that bring good results to you reproductive health and sexual wellbeing. The key elements that make us the best are :