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Norethisterone Acetate-DUBALEX- N15CR tablet- Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), endometriosis, and painful, heavy, or irregular periods are among the many menstrual disorders that can be treated with DUBALEX- N15CR tablet combination of Norethisterone Acetate. It is a synthetic form of the sex hormone progesterone, which is found in females.


The progestogen drug class includes norethisterone acetate tablets, which are used to treat endometriosis, heavy, painful, or irregular periods, as well as PMS. The pill containing norethisterone acetate may also be used to treat breast cancer. Norethisterone acetate, a synthetic hormone that mimics the actions of the natural hormone progesterone, is present in Norethisterone acetate tablets. By doing this, balances hormone levels in the body and controls how quickly the uterine lining grows and sheds. So, it aids in the treatment of menstruation diseases.


Inform your doctor if you are expecting or nursing, have diabetes, suffer from migraines, have a liver illness, or have previously had issues with your blood circulation before taking the Norethisterone Acetate tablet. Your other medications should be disclosed to your doctor as many of them may reduce or alter the effectiveness of this medication. Make sure any doctor treating you is aware that you are taking this medication because it may influence the outcomes of various blood and urine tests.


It is preferable to take the Norethisterone Acetate tablet at the same time each day, whether with a meal or without. Depending on what you are taking it for, you should adjust the dosage and frequency. The amount you require to alleviate your symptoms will be determined by your doctor. The tablets should be consumed whole along with some water. As long as your doctor has recommended it to you, you should take this medication.

Side Effects

The Norethisterone Acetate tablet’s most frequent side effects are headache, nausea, abdominal pain, vaginal spotting, dizziness, and sore breasts. If they concern you or seem serious, let your doctor know right away because there may be ways to lessen or prevent them. You should stop using this medication if you experience certain adverse effects, such as jaundice, migraines, changes in your speech, or changes in your senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch. In addition, you should stop taking it if you find out you’re pregnant or if your blood pressure starts to rise too much.

Frequently Asked Question

What if you forget to take the Norethisterone Acetate tablet?

Take the Norethisterone Acetate tablet as soon as you remember if you miss a dose. If your next dose is approaching, skip the missing one and resume your regular regimen. Don’t increase the dosage.

Does the Norethisterone Acetate tablet reset your cycle?

Your cycle may be reset by the Norethisterone Acetate pill. To assist manage heavy periods, it is often administered for about 10 days. Your periods will typically start up again 3 days after discontinuing the drug. After 3–4 cycles, your body may make the necessary corrections, and your period cycle may return to normal.

How quickly does the Norethisterone Acetate tablet stop bleeding?

Patients with heavy or protracted periods are advised to take Norethisterone Acetate tablets. The typical dosage is recommended to be taken three times daily for ten days. Usually, the bleeding will stop 48 hours after taking it. However, if the bleeding persists, see a doctor.

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