Progesterone 25mg Injection

ADORGEST-AQ 25 Injection

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Progesterone 25mg Injection – ADORGEST-AQ 25 Injection is a prescription drug used to treat abnormal bleeding or menstrual cycles (amenorrhea) caused by low hormone levels. Progesterone is a female hormone that regulates ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary) and menstruation. It aids in the restoration of menstrual cycles in women who have lost their periods. It’s also used to help those who are having trouble getting pregnant.

Uses of Progesterone 25mg Injection

Hormone placement therapy benefits from progesterone. Hot flushes, nocturnal sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and diminished sex drive are all signs of menopause. Hormone placement therapy (HRT) is a treatment for these problems. Because menopause might continue for several years, this treatment can significantly enhance your quality of life and happiness. Progesterone is one of two key hormones utilized in this treatment (the other being estrogen). It’s used to help women who haven’t entered menopause but aren’t getting their periods owing to a shortage of natural progesterone in their bodies.


If you have a history of breast cancer, irregular vaginal bleeding, or liver, renal, or heart illness, tell your doctor. Tell your doctor about any other medications you’re taking, as they may interact with or be affected by this one. Before and during your treatment with this medicine, you will almost certainly be subjected to a number of tests. Progesterone Inj Solution for Injection can impair your thinking or reactions, and you may feel very fatigued, so be cautious when driving or doing anything else that demands alertness.


Progesterone Inj Solution for Injection is usually administered by a healthcare professional and should not be done at home. As directed by your doctor, use Progesterone Inj Solution for Injection. Do not use more or less than what is indicated, and do not use it for longer than is advised. After you become pregnant, you may be requested to continue taking this medication for a period of time.

Side Effects

Abdominal bloating, abdominal pain, dizziness, headache, depression, breast tenderness, hot flushes, vaginal discharge, joint stiffness, and urine incontinence are the most prevalent adverse effects. Your doctor may advise you on how to lessen or avoid them. It can occasionally induce a serious allergic reaction that necessitates immediate medical intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Adorgest-AQ 25 Injection work?

This injection works by increasing the hormone level of Progesterone in your body.

Does Adorgest-AQ 25 Injection lead to skin darkening?

The darkening of the facial skin is the most frequent side effect of using Adorgest-AQ 25 Injection. If you detect any major or sudden changes, please notify the doctor right once. 

Is it ideal to use Adorgest-AQ 25 in patients with certain cancer such as breast or genital organ?

The  usage is not advised in patients who have malignancies of the breast or genitalia. Therefore, let your doctor know if you have cancer of the breasts or genitalia. 

What are the limitations to the use of Adorgest-AQ 25?

This medication is not recommended for use in patients with progesterone allergies, porphyria (a condition that affects the production of red blood cells), malignancies of the breasts or genitalia, blocked blood vessels, vaginal infections, and/or missed abortions.

Does Adorgest-AQ 25 cause Hair loss?

The most frequent side effect of using Adorgest-AQ 25 is hair loss. Please notify your doctor right once if you experience any substantial or unusual hair loss. 

When is the best time to take Adorgest-AQ 25 injection?

The hormone progesterone, which is present in this injection, aids in preventing contractions. During labor, the uterus contracts to assist in “pushing” the baby out of the womb for delivery. Beginning 17P shots in the second trimester of pregnancy (typically between 16 and 20 weeks) and continuing them until 36 weeks is advised by medical professionals.

What should i do after Adorgest-AQ 25 injection?

After injecting yourself, warm the injection site with heat or a heating pad. Because the progesterone is in the oil, it may take some time for your muscles to absorb it. The oil will warm and thin as a result of the heat, enhancing absorption.

How long does it take to work Adorgest-AQ injection?

Amenorrhea (absence of menstrual cycles) and abnormal vaginal bleeding brought on by changes in hormone levels are both treated with this medication. The results of amenorrhea treatment are often felt two to three days after the final injection. 

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