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Natural Micronized Progesterone 400 mg Effervescent Tablets – ADORGEST-400 is the fusion of Natural Micronized Progesterone Tablets which are a natural female sex hormone, called Progesterone. They are being prescribed to treat menstrual and pregnancy-related issues that are normally caused due to hormonal imbalance in women. In some cases, it is also used along with estrogen as a part of hormonal replacement therapy in order to prevent endometrial hyperplasia.

Progesterone Tablets are very helpful to establish and maintain pregnancy in those women who are not likely to conceive easily. It also helps to increase the thickness of the endometrium caused due to estrogen. It also helps to provide relief to the individual from the various symptoms that the individual might be having regarding Hormone placement therapy.

Uses of Natural Micronized Progesterone Tablets

  • They are used in Hormone replacement therapy.
  • These are also utilized in the treatment of female infertility.
  • Various pregnancy-related issues are also solved by using these tablets.

Side Effects

Natural Micronized Progesterone Tablets may cause some common side effects which aren’t major in nature as they go away with time as the body starts to adjust itself with time. In case it doesn’t happen then a doctor must be contacted right away so that the seriousness of them in the future can be avoided.

  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Depression

Directions For Use

  • They are to be taken as per the advice of the concerned healthcare expert and all of the guidelines prescribed by him must be followed.
  • They are to be taken along with food as taking them on an empty stomach may cause some stomach-related issues such as an upset stomach.
  • One can also take them at the same time so that they remember to take them every day.
  • The full course must be completed so that the individual gets the due relief that is required of them.
  • The doctor may also ask for some tests to be done before and after completing the treatment.

Safety Precautions

  • Let the healthcare expert know beforehand if the individual who is going to use these tablets is having any kidney or liver disease.
  • Using this medicine may cause a decreased level of alertness in some individuals and hence one must avoid doing any activity that requires some kind of focus in doing it.
  • It is not safe to consume alcohol along with the consumption of this medicine and that’s why one must avoid it.
  • Some of the side effects mostly go away usually in the first few days and if they don’t then let the healthcare expert knowledge about them.
  • In case the woman is having or had breast cancer, or unusual bleeding in the vagina then the same must be told to the doctor so that the doctor knows about it and makes the required changes in the medicine.
  • Also, let the doctor if taking any other medicine for any kind of treatment so that the possible side effects can be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is taking Progesterone (Natural Micronized) daily safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use Progesterone tablets on a daily basis and it is advised to use them in the evening or at bedtime. The usual duration for which the doctor prescribes them to be used varies from 15 to 25 days maximum. 

2. Will taking Progesterone (Natural Micronized) cause weight gain?

In some women. Using this medicine may cause weight gain which is caused due to water retention and it is not a serious sign. However, when it is taken with estrogen, the risk of gaining weight gets reduced.

3. How will I benefit by using progesterone during infertility and pregnancy?

Progesterone is a very important hormone for infertility. It is responsible for preparing the uterus for pregnancy and it also aids to maintain it. In tablets form, it is given to support the uterus is preparing itself for pregnancy and also to prevent abortions in some cases.

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Natural Micronized Progesterone – 400mg Tablets