Best Infertility Medicine Company in India – Adorshea Is the well-known pharmaceutical Company for Infertility medicines.  With the decreasing male and female fertility rate has led to a rise in demand for IVF and Infertility drugs in India. People have been investing in quality fertility drugs and hormones to increase the chances of pregnancy.  Our company is the best Infertility Medicine Company in India providing GMP and WHO certified products. These include natural micronised progesterone tablets, cabergoline tablets, vaginal wash, estradiol hemihydrate tablets, abortion pills, PCOS medicines, hormone therapy drugs etc.

Best Infertility Medicine Company in India

Investing infertility companies offer the best Gynecology, IVF and fertility business ideas for expanding your pharma business. Offering the widest range of IVF fertility drugs for men and women, Adorshea is a trusted ISO best Infertility Medicines Company in India. With over 200+ associates, we’re providing exclusive rights to infertility drug distribution/ wholesale/ marketing businesses at affordable investment plans. We’re open to calls at +91-8427379448 and discuss about the business benefits and features.

Top Infertility Pharma Company – Adorshea

Focused on providing women and male sexual wellness range, Adorshea brings you a wide range of IVF and fertility drugs. Our company is ISO certified offering the best quality and effective drug solutions when it comes to gynecology and fertility products. We have always ensured that our medicine maintains high efficacy for best results. They are developed and produced under experts who have years of experience in this industry. The medicines are designed to ensure that your chances of pregnancy are increased by improving fertility in men and women. The best part of associating our Adorshea is that we completely deal in only IVF and Infertility range. Therefore, you get to have the best business growth.

  • Best GMP and WHO Manufactured Products
  • DCGI Approved List
  • Wide Network of Logistic Partners
  • 200+ Associates Pan India
  • We are Recommended by Sexologists and Gynecologists
  • Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Connected with Company

IVF and Fertility Range Offered by Adorshea

Get best quality infertility range for pharma business at best rates! All the products offered here are DCGI approved. They are manufactured under strict internationals guidelines maintaining highest quality and efficacy. We have covered different ranges – natural micronized progesterone, cabergoline tablets, cholecalciferol, ormeloxifene, vaginal wash, letrozole etc.

  • Coenzyme Q – it is prescribed by doctors to women as it assists upgrades sperm wellbeing and egg quality for expanding chances of pregnancy.
  • Astaxanthin- powerful in male fruitlessness as it improves sperm wellbeing, sperm motility, and preparation rates. The carotenoid has intense cell reinforcement properties which are upgrades regenerative wellbeing.
  • Green Tea Ext. (EGCG) – it has oxidative properties that help improve the strength of sperm in guys. The green tea catechins have a constructive outcome on oxidative weight on the two guys’ and females’ fruitfulness.
  • Tripterygium Wilfordi (RootExt): this antifertility medication has no side effect and helps in the birth control of men.
  • Metformin HCL.: This drug is prescribed to patients suffering from type  2 diabetes and overweight. Help in controlling polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
  • Leuprolide: An anticancer medication, it helps in treating hormone-responsive malignant growths, early adolescence in guys and females, and anticipation of untimely ovulation. This medication is  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
  • Tadalafil & Sildenafil: it is prescribed by health professionals when erectile dysfunction occurs.

Best Quality System Used To Manufacture Infertility Drugs

For a Quality Manufacturing product, we use the best ingredients and manufacturing concepts that provide the best Quality infertility ranges to our Consumers. We strictly Adhere to WHO and GMP guidelines. At Adorshea, execute and keep up a quality administration structure proper to the extent of activities, including the variety, range, and volume of testing as well as adjustment, approval, and verification practices it attempts.

  • International guidelines laid by GMP-WHO are followed strictly.
  • Modern techniques for infertility drug manufacturing are adopted.
  • Best packaging material.
  • Standards laid by WHO, GLP and GMP are followed.
  • Approval of DCGI taken.
  • Latest machines and equipments used in making these products.
  • Efficacy of each drug is tested to ensure optimum results.

Benefits of Starting Infertility Medicine Business with Adorshea

Owing to the Infertility Business in India will be beneficial for you and you will get high return your investment if you associate with Adorshea.  We have been devoting our maximum capacity to bring medications that carry great outcomes to your regenerative wellbeing and sexual prosperity.

  • We provide the Exclusive Rights for the Distribution business venture across India.
  • There are affordable priced for our Product ranges.
  • Quick on-time delivery of products.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Excellent promotional support kits.
  • Multiple affordable prices are available for products.
  • We provide adequate potential marketing support to our associates.
  • Many Trusted healthcare professionals and Doctors Trusts us around the nation.
  • Earn the best Profit Margin and Earning in the market.
  • Guaranteed Growth with extra items being included as often as possible.

Requirements to Take Infertility Medicines Business Near You!

Genuine business dealerships are provided across India to those who’re seriously looking to start their own venture. Adorshea welcomes people from different states and cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar etc. We are providing an opportunity for infertility range distribution business. To apply, you need to meet the required criteria:

  • Meet the minimum order quantity. (you can ask for samples before ordering in bulk)
  • Minimum investment range should be met which is very genuine and economic.
  • You should have your own Drug license. (In case, you don’t have it, apply for it ASAP)
  • GST registration number is compulsory for business negotiations

Contact Info

Phone Number:  +91-9417149040, +91-8427379448


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