Best Gynae Range for Pharma Business– Women healthcare is the leading health segment in the Indian pharmaceutical sector. The demand for infertility, sexual wellness, and gynecology is on a rise. Adorshea is one of the best companies in providing pharmaceutical products and in the supply of a wide variety of Best Gynae Range for Pharma Business in India. The quality of their products is adequate to meet the frequent demand of their customers. All our products are certified with ISO and manufactured under GMP-WHO standards laid for gyne product manufacturing in India. You could be sure about the quality, efficacy and efficiency of women healthcare drug solutions.

Best Quality Gynecology Products offered by Adorshea

Quality is the essence of associating with Adorshea! We have been focusing on products that are developed, manufactured and packed using trusted quality sources. It is our focus to meet all our customer expectations. We constantly bring more and more gynecology drugs to our list. Some of our gyne medicines offered are as follows:

Beta Estoride Gel:

This is the advanced option in the replacement therapy of hormones. This up-to-date medication is useful for a variety of Gynae disorders like itchiness, the problem of inflammation, dryness, and problem in the vaginal area. The problem of hot glimmers because of the menopause will get great relief from this gel.


An antihistamine is useful for those ladies who are going to deliver a mother or becoming pregnant. This comes in the first-line therapy treatment which is helpful in the cure of morning disorder, nervousness, regurgitating, and so forth.

Hydroxy Pregstone:

This medication prevents the odds of advanced birth of a baby or in the delivery of still baby birth. When there are chances of miscarriage then it can improve your menstrual disorders by improving hormones activity.


This helps in controlling the birth of the child which can also be described as a morning-after pill. It can be more effective if a woman takes it in the course term of 72 hours that is called unprotected intercourse.


This drug is great in solving the problem of gynecological disorder which is caused because of hormonal imbalances. Some examples of these are abnormal uterine bleeding, not regular menstrual periods, etc. The difficulty of ovulating can be also solved due to this drug.

Angelica Gigas eq. to nodakenin:

Chinese monocarpic biennial / fleeting lasting which helps in giving the advantage of calming properties and anti-cancer as well. The symptoms of menopause can also be improved by using it in herbal terms. Irregular periods can also be improved using this medication.


The problem of infertility can be solved using this drug. It is also helpful for those women who have a problem with polycystic ovary syndromes. Tchey is the one, which is related to ovulatory stimulants class. This is the reason which can improve the chances of pregnancy and the finer quality of eggs.

 Natural Micronized Progesterone:

The women having the problems of menopause symptoms can be cured by using the therapy of hormone replacement. This also increases the production of pregstone which helps in lessening the possibility of uterus cancer.


When there is a loss of bleeding along with heavy blood out during the time of menstrual periods, this drug can be quite helpful which comes in the form of injection. It also assists in controlling the blood flow which eventually becomes the reason for the reduction in breakage of blood clots.


It is a vitamin D3 and micronized dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) , acid tablets. This drug helps in the enhancement of no of oocytes and high-quality embryos.  It also increases the implantation rates and follicles which assists in reducing the defects of the neural tube.

Mefenamic Acid:

This is an anthranilic drug which belongs to NSAIDS medication. The use of this medication is in crumps and can also be in the menstrual migraines. This medication is useful as a painkiller in the pain conditions and the loss of blood at the times of menstruation.


The aforementioned medication is made by all-natural products like Angelica Gigas, the use of Cynanchun along with the mixture of  Phlomis Umbrosa as well. Due to all these variants, it aids in various mechanisms to soothe the menopausal symptoms.

Argirise C:

This drug is a fusion of amino acids that includes L-citrulline and L-arginine. Both the diastolic and systolic conditions can be improved through this medication. Some BP conditions which are linked to pregnancy can be relieved in vascular functions and pulsatility indices in the uterine artery.

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